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  1. Madeline

    I have always had good experiences with post offices and USPS employees … until encountering this location. My husband and I lived temporarily in Stamford, after selling our NJ home and while waiting for our MA condo to be completed. We had a PO box at this location for four months.

    Of the three employees we interacted with, Lamont and the woman we worked with were quite lovely. Another man was definitely rude, hostile, and unhelpful. The first time we encountered this man, we had driven from NJ to get our PO Box key. I had already paid online and we showed up with the ID that was requested on the website. This man told us we couldn’t get the keys. We had to wait until we received a letter at our NJ home, then bring it back to Stamford as proof we actually lived at that address in NJ. Feeling baffled by his attitude and odd request, we did as he asked. Luckily it was a week before our move. (What if we had just arrived from CA?) I highly suspect his request was not valid.

    After we moved, we submitted our MA change of address and forwarding information. I was waiting for a package that I had tracked and knew had been received in Stamford right after we stopped at the post office for the last time. I called the number (Lamont’s number) and was told that there was indeed mail for me. However when my local friend went in to retrieve it, she was told there was none and that it had all been forwarded. It had not. I finally engaged the to start a “where is my package?” case and, more than a month later, I received my package.

    This man should not be in a customer-facing role.

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