1. Amanda

    Worth mentioning how helpful and patient the staff at the bulk mail office is at this location. The process and forms can be a little intimidating and even a little clinical. Fortunately, the staff at this office is exceptionally kind and professional, and has helped me (a few times!) make sure that the paperwork is done properly to get our mail to our clients and customers.

  2. Shirley Parra

    You have had a pkg since 24th and you have not delivered it yet just what is wrong with you people.
    It was a xmas food and gift for some one in Pre Release Its hard enough for them and then you pull a stupid stunt by not getting it to him. I called head Qtr and Mary said it would be delivered last week . Well guess what its still not delivered . I don’ give a rusty ST but it better be delivered MONDAY OR ELSE.

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