1. F. Fullerton

    I was told my package was delivered 5-28-19 at 5710 Old Redwood Hwy. It was not received by the person I sent it to. Please ask your carrier if they remember where the small flat rate priority Box was put. I could not get an answer when I tried to call the McBride office. No one answered the phone. Please call 3073673636 or email me @ fullco13@icloud.com. I would appreciate your prompt attention w/ this matter. Tracking #9114901159818651906243

  2. J B

    This place is the worst and needs a serious overhaul from the top down. I get fish delivered from out of state and it clearly says live fish on the box and even though they know it’s been in transit for 2 days and that I called and asked to be notified when it comes in so I can go and pick it up, they don’t do as I request and my fish get to ride on the Mail truck all day until they get delivered a my mail. If people there hate their jobs so much they should quit ! Bad customer service bad everything I hate that I have to deal with these incompetent people every time I get a package. Please someone do something about this terrible place !!

  3. Puna Vuli

    My package says it was delivered and it was refused after. I don’t know what that means.
    I just want to know where my package is. I can come pick it up if it’s there please.
    92748902779655111115853976 Is my tracking number. Email punavulifj@gmail.com
    Ph (707)596-2875

  4. Patricia

    My mailman only shows up when I have mail. He never picks up my outgoing mail otherwise. I watched him walk right by my mailbox for 2 days without picking it up. We are being delivered our neighbors mail and finding some on the street.

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