1. Dorothy Lucas

    My name is Dorothy Lucas po box 41414,I have been trying half the day to paid my pobox today the 21 so that I don’t get the New rates,I put all my info in and at the time to finish payment it just keeps circling and circling and not going threw,I think this is fishy being the same thing almost happen a couple years ago also on the last day,,I even talked to a lady and she said this is not right with some of my questions.Not being tommorow is the day it raises their price,bad enough I can afford the price they already charge.I have been dealing with this postoffice for like 16 years now and I have had worse problems then this.

  2. Dorothy Lucas

    Its bad enough they charge so so much for their service you have to deal with workers stealing your mail,opening to see if money is in your cards,I also had a problem with someone taking my sons info from his mai l and getting his ebt card calling and having the password changed and using up all his stamps,and im still waiting on a reply from that,it won’t happen its been so long now.i had 12 Christmas cards with money in them stolen from the postoffice and did not know it even happen till I ask one of my grandchild what did they do with their Christmas money,and that was oven a month later.and I see now that they are still up to their bad doings. And No I have not already said none of this so post my comment please.!!!

  3. Joe the taxpayer

    I called several Post Offices in Cranston and Providence NOT one call was answered. That agency has gone downhill, it’d be no surprised if it gets abolished. You have to blame the people running it and the many many supervisors that work in each office who obviously don’t do their jobs.

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