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  1. Bridget

    Hi , I was there today. But really prefer to use the main post office. I only stopped here , becuz it’s alot closer to my house. But I don’t like the security glass they have up !!!! And wdnt u know it , the pkg. I did , had the wrong address , written , so she had to correct it , which I would of preferred to do. But becuz of the glass partition , she did it
    And obviously, it was easier , that she just did it. But she got confused , and said I told her , the wrong apt. # , when I had said B11. I guess I had written 811 , tho mayb it looked like an 8 , but it was a B ?? But , i also think she cdnt hear me too well , thruthe glass partition. Anyway, nextvtim ed , i will be driving to main post office. I do not like , those thick security glass walls !!! But I get that , u guys were robbed few times , so I don’t blame u , for finally putting that up !!!!

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