1. Biserka Zivkovic

    For the last two months there has been problem with a mail delivery. We are getting mail and packages from our neighborhood in area 90403. My package from KY, tracking #9405511899220001324108 was supposedly delivered and left in my mail box on 12/17 @ 4:42 PM. I never got this package. Will you please find out what is happening with our mail and packages. My address is 833 LIncoln, Apt 7, SM 90403

  2. Biserka Zivkovic

    By the way, nobody answers your phone # (310) 255-0446. I have tried to call starting at 7:30 AM, then later in the morning, or afternoon for the last few working days, but nobody answers. The phone does ring. My email address is: schnitzray1@aol.com is someone would be kind enough to answer my inquiries. Kind Regards, Bicky – Biserka Zivkovic

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