1. Dorothy Ali

    Yes Waltham Housing at 48 Pine St. TV is not a key to get into the mail room I’m trying to get in touch with someone so that Waltham Housing can work with the annex to get a key kiosk put in so that they can lock the Carrier will be able to unlock it and get the key to the door and then return the key and then lock it back up because we are having so many different male men and women we have three boxes of mail that need to be put in the mailboxes there’s 120 units here of elderly disabled I’d appreciate some feedback

  2. Dorothy Ali

    I would like to get in touch with the supervisor so that Waltham Housing authority can get in touch with the supervisor to get a kiosk put in 48 Pine St. 02453 it’s an elderly disabled building we have three boxes of mail that have not been delivered into peoples mailboxes and I know that Post Office wants to put a kiosk there so whatever mailman or woman we have is it has access to that key but I need a name email

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