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    Marking packages inaccurately- returning to sender when they aren’t delivering correctly.


    The manager ( MATT ALBERT) should be fired. He hung up on me when I have had to call daily trying to hunt down a package that the workers he manages cannot seem to deliver. He claimed it is a time issues when both time stamps are placed at times that hadn’t even occurred yet.

    When I called (because this is my child’s Christmas gift) he said well that’s my issue and I can call the sender to get a new item issued when their carriers are not doing their job correctly. He literally hung up on me when I am politely trying to figure this issue out so that I may receive my package. He was so incredibly rude and I really hope you do something to assure our local community of better service in the future.

    Pathetic example for a manager of a postal system that our country relies so hard on! Remove him as a manager- DEMOTE HIM! I am livid. He was the least helpful , extremely rude and should NOT be managing this area. Our neighborhood has had so many complaints over this office unable to manage their system.

    HOWEVER, an employee named Todd Kole was so sincere and helpful when I called back to try to get my package rerouted to me after this office sent it back to the sender. He was absolutely amazing and he is the one who should be a managing this office. He was so kind and understanding and he viewed the label and said it was an issue with the person delivering and not sender, that he isn’t sure why my packages wasn’t delivered and sent so many emails to try to get my package sent back to me. Tell me why an employee went above and beyond to assure that I am taken care of and the manager hung up on me after saying it was my problem and to deal with it….. that should marinade in your brain as to why he should absolutely not be managing this for office! I have loads of comments on my neighborhood page complaining. Please do something as so many of us are relying on our postal system during this pandemic to get gifts to loved ones from far away and it shouldn’t be this difficult.

  2. Lillian H Ferreira

    I was expecting a pkg. 1/11/21. No mail delivery or pick up that day. 1/12, driver told my husband they had my pkg but couldn’t find it. 1/13 no mail pick up or delivery today. Pkg I was expecting didn’t come. Another pkg . came. Not sure it was Amazon or PO. Was almost 8pm. Seems we get mail every other day and after dark if we do. If I had worked like this as a nurse all my patients would die before they got their meds. Unacceptable. Worst zip code in USA. Took 6 weeks to get a birthday cad to my granddaughter in same zip code. I went to PO to try to find it. I was rudely told why would I send a gift card in an obvious occasion card, “that was stupid”. I was told to send it certified return receipt. That adds another $6 that I would rather give to my granddaughter. Work ethics have gone the way of the country. Seems nothing the gov’t is affiliated with is worth a hoot and is near bankruptcy with possible exception of military. Taxpayers be damned.

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