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  1. Terri Muenzberg

    On Monday August 1, 2022, I placed 5 packages and pne envelope in my postal box on 3460 Mitchell Road, Eau Claire. When I went to retrieve my daily mail, this delivery person TOOK ONE PACKAGE AND THE ENVELOPE and left the 4 packages in the box. When I requested to talk to the supervisor that was delivering today I caught her at the box…she told another delivery girl, Kaycee that she was too busy to talk to me. I told her what happened and basically she blew me off and said I should get a postal delivery box downtown. I pay shipping…this is horrible to be told they could not do anything for me. My packages could have been stolen over night as it happens often all over town. I would like to talk to a smart, decent supervisor. I believe the nasty suervisor delivering was named Vic Terri Muenzberg

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