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  1. Jason

    I have had back to back bad experiences at the Cambridge Post Office.
    The last being on Monday July 18th 2022. It was the Employee working the 1:30pm afternoon shift. (Not naming names online, out of respect).
    Simple as this. Filling out a change of address form. Waited in line got to the window. The Man said you have to write Cambridge, general delivery on the bottom. (3 words) Although he had two pens on strings around his neck he would not let me use either of them, he said “we have pens over there on the desk”.
    I was very good about it. I had alot to say but simply went to the desk , wrote the 3 words and got back in line. And waited again.
    Got scolded for putting an X in the wrong spot as well. I knew mail had been coming there to pick up but he said come back in a week.
    Im an adult African American Man and could have very very easily turned this into something it didn’t need to be.
    All in all if you can avoid dealing with the staff at the desks your afternoon will turn out much better. I highly doubt anything will come of this but its out there for the world to know they have classless employee working their afternoon shifts.

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