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    We are having trouble getting mailed delivered to our business; maybe a new postal employee. Couldn’t get anyone on the phone and went to the post office on Old 41 in person. Explained that we were not getting mail delivered to our mailboxes; it was being delivered to the NCH Hospital in Estero. A security guard brought it over after over a week. Clerk said they would get a supervisor. Waited. Nothing. Another clerk said they would get a Supervisor. Waited. Nothing. Asked a third time and was told, “we called; if she’s here, she’ll be out”. My response was if she’s not in, why am I waiting?” Was told I was rude and they were trying to help me.
    Not so in either case. FINALLY, I was told she had to leave. Rest my case: I was waiting for no one. I am still at a loss how to resolve the issue of receiving mail. This is a business center with a set of free-standing mailboxes. 8200 Health Center Blvd. The mail is being dropped off at 8201 Health Center Blvd.

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