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  1. Hari Khalsa

    I was in yesterday Monday, 12/28, 3 times, to check on 2 small priority packages. One said “delivered” on my iPhone texts at 11:15am but it was never delivered.
    And the other said out for delivery, all day, until dark. I returned to the DCU around 1pm, and was told The clerk said she called the carrier and he told her that he left a key in my mailbox, to open a larger box, drive back home and there’s still nothing in the box-no key, no packages. I finally returned to the DCU at around 2:45 *3rd time* as not to miss the 3pm closing. Apparently the clerk called the carrier/driver and he told her, apparently that both packages were now delivered in my mailbox, no need for a key to a larger box. Just delivered. So at this time it’s past 3pm. DCU is closed, drive home again, excited for my packages. When I get there Only one package is there. So I keep watching tracking info on my other package, medical supplies, more important than the delivered package, and it continued to indicate that it was “out for delivery”, estimated by Delivered by 7pm. At 628pm I received an “Alert” status update on my tracking app saying my package, the one which had been “out for delivery” all day, has “insufficient/ incomplete address, and is being returned to The sender “ This happened at 628pm 12/28. At this point I cannot call anyone. I’m unsure if i can even contact the seller to resend the item if the DCU returns it before they open at 10am Tomorrow.
    So hoping someone reads this, Im begging you not to return my package to Texas, I will be there immediately in the morning with proper ID to straighten out the “insufficient address “ issue, although I’ve never even heard of such a thing.
    My tracking number for the “insufficient address, returned to sender 12/28 at 6:28pm is

    92055901755477000304207172 and it still doesn’t say delivered. It now says resend to sender due to “lack of Sufficient address”
    I’m begging you please do not return this item to Texas! I will pay it for it If it is lacking shipping stamps/postage. I will verify my identity and address.

    PLEASE DO NOT return my parcel.
    My phone number is +15414809797
    I can be reached as early as 7am as I’ll be calling USPS package recovery as well. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN MY PACKAGE.
    I also need to know, since I am here on Christmas vacation, am I unable to receive Additional mail at my mothers address?? Both of our names are written on the mailbox. I am actually a resident of eugene but I haven’t been here for very long and I am not address.”

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