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  1. Nancy Cotterill

    Email sent to USPS management:
    I would not bother you with this if I could contact the post office that serves my address. But I’ve called them many many times and the phone is either off the hook, or sometimes I connect to a party going on with laughter and yelling and they cannot hear me. Nothing against laughter, but the mail service here is abysmal.

    I send a card from 67th street where I live in Indianapolis,IN to 52nd street and it takes 9 days.
    I file for hold mail and ask that it be delivered on Saturday and nothing is delivered until Tuesday, when I get a huge package of mail.
    For the past two days I’ve received no mail. That almost never happens, but it happens constantly now.
    If we do get mail it is actually dark out..7 o’clock or later. So basically we get mail about 3 days a week. So much for the 6-day promise.
    When I held the mail on the USPS site for a week when on vacation, it said “make sure you print this out so you have a record.” I printed it out the dates and confirmation number were all Xs. I had to take a screenshot to actually have a record of my request.
    I wish I hadn’t thrown the “printed record” away, it was laughable, since it showed no information, just XXXXXXXX,
    When no mail arrived on Saturday or Monday I called the Bacon post office (317-464-6820) and it was consistently busy. Called 40 times it was ALWAYS busy.

    I have to ask who is running things. I’ve never experienced such a lack of management, service, or accuracy.

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